Meeting your experimental needs on small and large animals under high safety containment

State of the art techniques under containment

Through investment the PFIE maintains its facilities and equipment at the cutting edge to fully meet your expectations. We provide our users with innovative technologies that can be used under containment : surgery, endoscopy, imaging, telemetry, haematological and biochemical analyses, etc.

Tailored solutions

The PFIE technical staff fits out spaces and creates tailored equipment (cages, isolators, etc.) to meet experimental and ethical requirements. Each protocol is set up in collaboration with veterinarians, researchers and zootechnicians.

From chicks to cattle

Poultry, rodents, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cattle, ferrets. The PFIE carries out studies on a broad range of animal models, including some wild species such as wild boar and badgers. The platform also produces germ-free chicks and  SPF poultry, SOPF mice and sheep.

An exceptional scientific and technical environment

The PFIE, the Infectiology and Public Health - ISP joint research unit and the neighbouring surgery and imaging platform - CIRE, constitute a unique animal experimentation system available for veterinary and medical  research.

Modification date: 30 January 2024 | Publication date: 12 August 2014 | By: N. Kasal Hoc